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We believe that blockchain technology offers the perfect opportunity to create a trusted system for art and coin collection and vetting.

Our team offers unique experience and credibility, which comes from running a family-owned coin, art, and antiquities dealership in Chicago, IL, which has in business since 1964. We are also joined by experienced technology advisors, crypto experts, and others who share a passion for coin and art collecting.

Despite dealing with items that have great historical value, we believe that it is vital for the coin and art world to be forward-thinking when it comes to leveraging technology to solve problems. This is why we have to decided to bring these assets and the community surrounding them onto the blockchain, which we believe will bring innumerable and transformative benefits to our industry as a whole.

The Artified Vision

Serialization of Assets

We intend to use blockchain technology to create a master record that will identify all art, coins, and other collectible items in existence. We will do this by incentivizing users with tokens (ARTEM) for contributions to our database, while also tapping into our vast network of trusted museums, collectors, and dealers across the globe.

Open Community Vetting

As the first open vetting platform for rare coins, art, and other assets, Artified will allow for unheard levels of transparency and community involvement in determining the value and authenticity of items. With input from a global network of industry experts and enthusiastic collectors alike, we will create “scores” for each item, along with detailed feedback explaining these scores.

The Artified score will be weighted by a variety of factors, and will offer more accurate insights about each item than could ever be possible with today’s “closed door” vetting practices.

Tracking & Establishing Pedigree

Using the blockchain, we will be able to better track and establish pedigree, or provenance, for the assets in our system. We will do this by tracking changes in the ownership of items on our immutable ledger, while maintaining owner anonymity by identifying them with an encrypted key.

Additionally, we will leverage the expertise and knowledge of the Artified community by encouraging them to share their own research or information they may have about items in our system, incentivized with ARTEM tokens. When verified, this additional pedigree information can add significant value to an asset.

Our Founding Team


Aaron Berk

For over twenty-five years, Aaron Berk has developed a world reputation as an honest and informative numismatic and classical antiquity expert. Since joining his family firm, Harlan J. Berk, Ltd, in 1992 he has researched, written, and produced over 200 catalogs on ancient coins and antiquities. Aaron has vetted and formed ancient coin and classical antiquity collections all over the world and written appraisals for museum institutions. In 2016 he was successfully sold 150 ancient antiquities deaccessioned from the Toledo Museum of Art. Aaron has always been forward-thinking with technology, constantly pushing the envelope of how it can be implemented to enhance the collecting world.


Ethan Gillani

Ethan Gillani is the CTO for Micro-Tech USA, a Chicago-based technology services company that has been in business since 1989, having grown through the 90s tech bubble and helped advance cloud computing. He also serves as the CTO of Minnow Talk, an app that streamlines communications across phone, fax, and instant messages. Ethan is also an avid collector.

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